Lumination™ BT Series LED Luminaires

GE Lumination BT Series

Expansive, easy to install and remarkably affordable, the Lumination BT Series luminaires from GE Lighting allow you to install sleek, modern design – plus the pleasing illumination and added efficiency of LEDs – in small or mid-scale commercial office, retail, educational or other environments that weren’t feasible before. The BT Series features an elegant "frameless" appearance which produces uniform light across the luminaire face with no hot spots or banding, and adds a seamless, smooth aesthetic to the entire ceiling grid.

These 2x2 and 2x4 LED troffers make for fast, easy retrofitting. They slip perfectly into existing T-grid drop ceiling systems, and their 3.5-in. profile fits into shallow ceiling plenums. They continue to save you money after installation, too; built-in LED drivers eliminate the added materials, wiring and labor of ballast installation. The BT Series has been proven to save up to 64% over traditional T8 fluorescent lighting, and integrates easily in to GE controls systems such as Lightsweep&tarde; and Aware™ for added energy savings.

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  • 3,500K and 4,000K color temperatures
  • 3,100 Lm (3500K); 3,300 Lm (4,000K) delivered lumen output
  • 88 LPW (typical for 3500K) to 97 LPW (typical for 4000K) lumens per watt efficacy
  • 50,000 hours rated life (L70)
  • CE and UL Listed


[PDF] GE Lumination BT Series Recessed Troffer Data Sheet
[PDF] GE Lumination BT22 Series LED '2 x 2' Spec Sheet
[PDF] GE Lumination BT24 Series LED '2 x 4' Spec Sheet
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