Recessed 2 x 2 Troffer LED Luminaires

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Offering outstanding light quality, uniformity and efficacy, GE Recessed 2 x 2 Troffer LED Luminaires are the perfect answer when specifications call for 2 ft. x 2 ft. (600 x 600 mm) lighting fixtures. LED luminaires transform ambient lighting into an exquisite balance of refined appearance and excellent efficiency.

GE Recessed 2 x 2 Troffer LED Luminaires combine high-powered LEDs with Intrinsx™ technology to maximize the performance, control and efficiency of every LED in this ultra-thin lighting fixture. This optical technology is embedded directly into the light guide, optimizing light distribution and optical efficiency up to 95 percent. Thus these modern general lighting fixtures produce highly efficient, aesthetically pleasing diffused light with minimal glare.

Super-efficient LED edge-lighting technology uses a fraction of the energy fluorescent tubes require, cutting electricity expenses. And a remarkable 50,000-hour rated lifespan means years of continuous flawless performance and elimination of traditional re-lamping costs. Using 70 lumens per Watt and a fully dimmable integrated driver, GE Recessed 2 ft. x 2 ft. Troffer LED Luminaires can also work in combination with daylight harvesting control systems for additional energy savings.

These lighting fixtures contain no lead, glass, or mercury – making them a viable choice for any store, office or classroom, as well as healthcare facilities with strict environmental management and RoHS compliant policies.

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Features at a Glance

  • Diffused lens provides an evenly illuminated appearance
  • Ceilings have a non-disruptive aesthetic, appearing free of a visible light source – even when the light is off
  • Save labor costs – easy to install in the most common T-bar ceiling grids
  • Integrated driver reduces installation complexity and allows for quicker installation versus traditional fixtures
  • Ultra-thin trim (0.5 in.) allows installation in very shallow ceiling plenums
  • Up to 26% energy savings when compared with traditional fluorescent lamps
  • Can help earn LEED certification points

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