Save Energy Without Sacrificing Performance: The GE LED Replacement Lamp For 400 Watt HID

GE LED Replacement Lamp For 400 Watt HID

Total Performance

GE’s LED replacement lamps consume 50 percent less energy vs. a traditional HID, all without sacrificing performance. As energy usage drops, GE’s LED replacement lamps still maintain similar brightness (20,000 vs. 23,500 lumens). Decreased energy and maintenance costs combined with utility rebates means a short payback period.

Superior Savings

A single bulb can save over $1,400 over the lifetime of a lamp. Imagine what 500 bulbs could do.* With thousands of dollars in energy savings, the install will more than pay for itself. That’s a retrofit success, hands down. With energy savings and minimal manpower required for installation, you and your customers win

Features and Benefits

  • Less Energy—Consumes 50% less energy vs. an HID
  • Superior Savings—Saves $1,430 in energy costs over the rated life of a lamp vs. a standard 460 watt HID lamp system (400W lamp and 60W ballast) on $0.11 per kWh
  • Total Performance—Provides similar light output to an HID (20,000 vs. 23,500 lumen)
  • Longer Life—With a 50,000 hour rated life (L70), the lamp last 2.5X longer than HID (20,000 hours)
  • No-Sweat Installation—Installing is as simple as twisting a bulb. Easy.
  • Upgrading Is Simple—Using existing fixture optics and ballast (pulse or probe start), features include instant on/brightness and flexibility with a universal burn
  • Available in a 4,000K color temperature and a CRI of 73
  • Meets Environmental Standards—These lamps offer worry-free disposal, are compliant with material restriction requirements of RoHS, and contain no lead or mercury
  • GE Reliability—Dependable, long-lasting, and supported by stringent and comprehensive testing backed by a five-year, limited warranty
[PDF] GE LED HID Replacement Lamps Spec Sheet

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*Compares 200 watts of total system energy (165W lamp and 35W ballast) vs. a standard 460 watt HID lamp system (400W lamp and 60W ballast), over the rated life of a lamp based on $0.11 per kWh