Video: Integrated LED Tubes from GE

LED fluorescent tubes are replacements for linear fluorescent. GE has a couple of different products available, one is an integrated driver LED Tube. For a contractor, you don't have to replace any ballast, no wiring changes need to be done. Basically, the LED Tube has an integrated driver built into it, so it works with existing electronic ballasts. That tube is a 40,000 hour LED Tube with ADCRI. It's a great opportunity for someone that wants to move down the LED technology path that has fluorescent fixtures in place.

We also offer a different type of LED tube, which is a remote driver or a remote ballasted option. It's a non-integrated version, it's actually slightly higher performance but there is a bit of wiring involved. LED is a great option when someone's concerned about controllability. LEDs have no degradation in life when they're turned on and off multiple times. So it's a great option for those applications where that's needed.

Most of the advantages with LED are controllability and well as life, as well as a technology change. LED is the latest and greatest thing that most people are talking about. There's two types of LED Tubes to keep in mind. One has an integrated driver and one has a separate driver, just like a regular linear fluorescent ballast. Either of those two options are great choices and we'll be happy to talk to you about them in the future.