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Graybar and Current, powered by GE can supply all your dimming, LED, lamp, ballast and fluorescent lighting.

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  • LED High Lumen Biax Plug-In from Current, powered by GE

    The LED High Lumen Biax® plug-in lamp from Current, powered by GE​ provides an easy solution to leverage the low energy and long life of LED. 


  • [VID] Replace Low and High Bay Fixtures with GE Albeo LED ABV2

    The best ABV2 applications are anywhere traditional low bay and high bay applications are used, specifically gymnasiums, warehouses and industrial applications.


  • The Fastest, Easiest LED Upgrade: 8 Foot Type C Glass LED Tubes From Current, Powered By GE Lighting

    We all know that LEDs are the ultimate lighting upgrade. The trouble is, not everyone can invest the time, money, and resources for a full LED retrofit. But with 8 Foot Type C Glass LED Tubes from GE Lighting, it’s easy to convert existing linear fluorescents to LEDs—no need for a full reinstall.


  • [VID] LED Vintage-style Lamp from GE Lighting

    The GE Vintage LED Style lamps combine the retro look of antique incandescent bulbs with the benefits of LED. A warm, candlelight glow and golden tinted glass recreate the vintage style light bulb. The long life and low energy usage of a GE Vintage LED lamp will help your customers save money on energy and maintenance.


  • The Flexible, Stylish, Scalable Area Lighting Solution: Evolve LED Area Lighting–EALS From Current, powered by GE

    Your commercial and retail customers expect more from their area lighting. They need solutions that save energy, are aesthetically pleasing, and provide effective security light levels. They demand excellent light distribution and uniformity, and reduced on-site glare and offsite visibility too. (Easy installation wouldn’t hurt either.) For some LED area lighting solutions, that’s a tall order. But the EALS from GE gladly accepts the challenge.


  • Efficiency, Performance & Longevity: Lumination LED Luminaires – RX Series From GE Lighting

    Replacing a single fixture? Easy. Replacing several thousand fixtures? Well, that’s a different story. On a big job, slow-going installation could eat up hours—even days—of labor. Take the hassle out of installation with GE’s LED Luminaire RX Series. Whether you’re retrofitting CFL/MH/HAL fixtures or working on a new install, the RX Series delivers the efficiency and performance that GE is known for.


  • Graybar Helps Bring Intelligent Lighting to the City of Hudson

    After upgrading the lighting, the city expects an annual energy and maintenance savings of approximately $54,336, including savings from dimming low traffic roadway and parking lot areas, while still meeting Wisconsin Department of Transportation guidelines for street lighting.


  • [VID] GE LED Retrofit Tubes for Fluorescent Fixtures

    GE Lighting's innovative products for contractors include GE's LED family of LED retrofit tubes for fluorescent fixtures. Most of these LED tubes are available in either UL Type A, which works on existing instant start ballasts, or UL Type C which needs a separate LED driver installed.


  • The Roughest, Toughest Commercial Lighting System: GE’s Albeo LED Luminaire – ABR1 Series

    The benefits of GE’s new Albeo ABR1 Series LED Luminaire shine brightly for anyone interested in high-performance, high-bay lighting solutions. Flexibility, durability, and energy efficiency provide long-lasting lighting designed for even the most rugged environments. High ambient temperatures and wet applications are no match for the ABR1 Series.


  • How LED Lighting Can Make You A Warehouse Rock Star

    Join GE Lighting and Graybar as they separate the fact from fiction when it comes to lighting renovation in warehouses and distribution centers. This webinar will cover the benefits of new high bay lighting solutions, including costs, energy savings, lifespan, and brightness, while demonstrating how old HID and fluorescent lighting could be costing you more than you think. We’ll provide the tips you need to implement a hassle-free lighting upgrade.


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