Fluke Ti400, Ti300 and Ti200 Infrared Cameras

Fluke Ti400 Ti300 Ti200 Infrared Cameras

Introducing the Fluke Ti400, Ti300 and Ti200 advanced performance infrared cameras with LaserSharp™ Auto Focus for consistently in-focus images. Every. Single. Time. Detect and communicate issues faster with patented IR-Fusion® technology which combines infrared and visible light images on the same display. Contractors and technicians get high-resolution, real-time images in streaming HDMI video – the clearest, most complete information needed to detect areas of energy loss faster, monitor more accurately and schedule maintenance at the most optimal times.

License-free SmartView® software is included with each model, making it easy to communicate and analyze information. Wirelessly transfer thermal images directly to your PC or view them on your iPhone® or iPad® with the SmartView mobile app.

Call 1-800-GRAYBAR or contact your Graybar representative for more information on Fluke Advanced Performance Infrared Cameras.


  • Captures in-focus images consistently with LaserSharp™ Auto Focus
  • Rugged touch screen or optimized tactile button menu navigation
  • High-temperature measurement (up to 1200°C on the Ti400)
  • Voice recording IR-PhotoNotes™ photo annotation system
  • Patented field-changeable, rechargeable smart batteries with charge level indicators
  • Wide angle and telephoto interchangeable lenses are optional


[PDF] Fluke Infrared Tools Full Line Brochure
[VID] Explanation of the new focus system in the Ti200, 300, and 400 cameras
[PDF] Fluke Thermal Imagers