Video: Make Your Job More Efficient With Fluke's Ti400 Infrared Camera

Fluke’s model Ti400 Infrared Camera is also known as a thermal imager. These devices are used in a wide variety of applications. Often times in electrical systems, heat can mean problems -- especially, inconsistent heat. You might have electrical connections – one that’s hotter than another. You might have motors that need to be rewound and you can see that friction will create heat. Infrared cameras or thermal imagers will help you safely and efficiently troubleshoot those types of problems.

One of the key things with an infrared camera – the most important thing (besides resolution) – is focus. Once you have that thermal image, you can download it; you can change the color pallet and you can change the range that you’re looking at. The one thing that you can’t change is the focus.

A new feature in the model Ti400 is laser-sharp auto focus. There is a laser distance meter built into the camera. This feature measures the distance of what you are pointing at and automatically adjusts the focus.

The new model Ti400 features laser sharp auto focus, high resolution and the ability to download images and connect with the new Fluke Connect Line of Bluetooth wireless tools. This is a time saver and helps make your job more efficient.