Fluke Connect: 7 Reasons to Connect

Fluke Connect Reasons to Connect Work Faster

Fluke Connect™ is a great way for your customers to stay in contact with their team without having to leave the field. Below are seven reasons why test and measurement tools are better together with Fluke Connect.

Who uses Fluke Connect?

This tool is ideal for industrial maintenance, facility maintenance, commercial facility teams and contractors. Customer titles may include: Preventive Maintenance Technicians, Maintenance Technicians and other technicians without Fluke Connect enabled tools.

Reason #1: Work Faster

The Fluke Connect™ app helps conduct routine maintenance tasks and solve problems faster than ever before. Log, track, and share equipment records without leaving the plant floor. Troubleshoot issues from afar with live measurements and video. And securely store and access all of your images and data. With Fluke Connect™ enabled tools, you can do all of this using your phone—anytime, anywhere.

Reason #2: Work More Collaboratively

With the Fluke Connect™ app and enabled tools, users can collaborate with others no matter where they are. See what your team is seeing, and vice versa. Share and watch live video and readings to troubleshoot problems from any location. And save yourself the time and effort of going to the plant floor or back to the office every time there’s a question or issue.

Reason #3: Reduce Your Paperwork

The Fluke Connect™ app allows you to enter data, create reports, and compare past with present findings using the app on your phone. Create and share equipment records on the spot. And easily access and graph all of your maintenance data to identify trends and make fast decisions. With Fluke Connect™ tools, you can throw away the clipboard and say goodbye to manual data entry. Learn more about how Fluke Connect can help you share from anywhere.

Reason #4: Improve Safety

The Fluke Connect™ app and enabled tools improve the safety and convenience of electro-mechanical maintenance and troubleshooting. Take live readings of energized circuits and operational mechanical equipment from a safe distance. And correlate different measurements (i.e., temperature and amperage or three-phase amperage) by using multiple instruments simultaneously (i.e., temperature and current measurement modules).

Reason #5: Experience More Than Connectivity

With a range of powerful functions, the Fluke Connect™ system delivers far more than connectivity. Collaborate and troubleshoot with others using ShareLive™ video call, so they can see what you are seeing. Easily create, access, and manage maintenance records with EquipmentLog™ history. Identify and monitor deteriorating equipment and maintenance needs with TrendIt™ graphs. And lock down your data while making it accessible anytime, anywhere using Fluke Cloud™ storage. Learn more about how Fluke Connect can help you lock down your data.

Reason #6: World’s Largest Suite of Connected Test Tools

Fluke Connect™ is already the world’s largest wireless test and measurement system, and it’s growing. More than 20 Fluke tools can be connected, including a range of infrared cameras, digital multimeters, and insulation resistance testers. Vibration testers and other tools will also soon be connected. And all of them come with legendary Fluke quality, ruggedness, and support. View the list of Fluke Connect tools.

Reason #7: Positive User Experience

Fluke Connect™ is one of the most innovative wireless test and measurement systems on the planet. Read stories about what others have said about Fluke Connect and its powerful functions.

Learn more about Fluke Connect online, call 1-800-GRAYBAR or contact your Graybar representative for more information. Watch the video to learn more about Fluke Connect: Introducing Fluke Connect: See it. Save it. Share it.