Video: Save Time with the Fluke CV300 IR Window

This is the new Fluke model CV300 Infrared Window. What is an infrared window? With an infrared camera, infrared cameras take pictures of surface temperature. So if you're looking at a normal window with an infrared camera, or an electrical panel for that matter, you're going to see the surface temperature of the outside of that panel.

An infrared window allows you to actually see through with your infrared camera, through the window itself, onto the device that you're looking at.

So you can mount this device easily on a panel in about five minutes or less, then once it's mounted, it's permanently mounted there. And you can come up very easily and take your infrared images through that window without opening the panel.

The Fluke model CV300 Infrared window is s a true time saver and it also allows you to work much safer.