Increase the safety and speed of thermal inspections with Fluke IR Windows

Once you've got your thermal imaging inspection program up and running with a Fluke Ti32 Thermal Imager, the next step is to reduce the risk of arc-flash and serious injury to your employees with the installation of Fluke IR Windows. These arc-resistant, outdoor certified, infrared windows allow thermal, ultraviolet, visual and fusion technologies to be used without exposing personnel to live equipment. Scan switchgear, transformers, bus bars and other live electrical equipment without having to open any panel doors.

Fluke IR Windows not only provide increased safety but also can save you money.

  • Perform inspections faster, improving efficiency
  • Reduce manpower needed from three to one to perform regular inspections – eliminates the need for two technicians to remove and replace the panel covers
  • Protect your company from potential litigation, elevated insurance premiums and safety body fines in the event of an accident or arc-flash event.
Increase the Safety and Speed of Thermal Inspections with Fluke IR Windows

CLIRVU® optic coating, only available from Fluke IR Windows:

  • Seals the optic prior to assembly to protect against moisture degradation
  • Withstands the overpressure and high temperatures of an arc-fault event
  • Impervious to vibration
  • Guaranteed never to degrade even if subjected to mild acids or alkalis

Fully realize your investment in thermal imaging with Fluke IR Windows.

Features at a Glance:

  • All Fluke IR windows use the unique Quadraband multispectral optic, allowing inspection with any camera for total flexibility
  • CLIRVU optic coating, available only from Fluke IR Windows, seals the optic prior to assembly to protect against moisture degradation
  • Engineered and tested to withstand electric-arcs up to 50 kA for 30 cycles
  • Certified by UL & CSA for Type 3/12 (outdoor) environments in North America and Canada, the C-Range windows are tested to withstand the long-term aging effects of UV exposure
  • Certified by SIRA Certification IP65 (outdoor) environments in Europe

Purchase: Infared Window, Kwik Twist, C-Range
Infared Window Kit, Kwik Twist, C-Range