Fluke Does Windows!

IR Windows, that is…

Infrared inspections of live electrical equipment can be extremely time consuming and tedious because of the necessary compliance with NFPA 70E safety standards. You have to wait days for permits. Then suit up with enough personal protective equipment (PPE) to take you to Mars. Then you remove the panel cover to perform your inspection and keep your fingers crossed. Of course there’s a good reason for all those precautions. Every time you remove a panel on a piece of live electrical equipment you run the very real risk of an arc flash that can level anything in its path, including you.

Faster, lower-risk inspections

Why not avoid all that trouble by installing infrared (IR) windows in your electrical equipment covers and panels? Installing Fluke Infrared (IR) Windows gives you a clear view of what's behind the panel, either with your naked eye or with an infrared, corona, or digital camera. That helps you comply with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E requirements without walking around in a moon suit.

With IR windows there's no need to remove the panel cover when you perform an inspection, so there's a far reduced risk of arc flash. You can save several minutes on each inspection and wear a much lower level of PPE. You can also skip the headaches involved with lock-out/tag-out devices and live work permits.

Unique features for higher performance, enhanced protection

Increase the Safety and Speed of Thermal Inspections with Fluke IR Windows

Whether you need IR Windows for low, medium, or high voltage applications, Fluke has you covered. Fluke IR Windows are designed and tested to the highest standards and include models for use indoors or outdoors at almost any voltage. They include many exclusive Fluke features to expedite and enhance your inspections, including:

  • ClirVu® optic – Gives your eyes and your camera a clear, unobstructed view.
  • AutoGround™ – Effortless compliance with IR Windows grounding requirements.
  • Ease of installation – Unlike others, Fluke IR Windows install quickly and easily, mounting to the front of the panel only.
  • KWIK Twist – Magnetic security covers that lock in place with a security access key and further protect the viewing pane from accidental external impact. They twist off quickly for inspections and magnetically stick to the metal panel cover until replaced.

Ten-minute installation

These IR windows are as quick and easy to install as they are to use. One person can install a Fluke IR Window in about 10 minutes. Just power down, remove the panel cover, position the window using the included self-adhesive drilling template, drill the hole, and use the three self-tapping screws to mount the window on the panel cover. That’s right...all the mounting hardware attaches to the outside of the panel so you don't have to worry about screws working loose inside and dropping to cause a short that could ruin your day, as well as your equipment. When properly installed, Fluke IR Windows do not compromise or derate equivalent UL-rated enclosure integrity.

To make it easy to keep track of your Fluke IR Windows, each has an identification plate with unique onsite numbering so you can easily track inspections and rapidly locate a specific window for quick equipment repairs.

IR windows to match your applications

Increase the Safety and Speed of Thermal Inspections with Fluke IR Windows

Fluke offers three models of IR Windows that cover indoor and/or outdoor applications in low, medium, or high voltage environments:

  • Fluke CLKT IR Windows are a good choice for high voltage outdoor and indoor applications and tested to withstand electric arcs up to 50 kA. Available in 2”, 3”, and 4” diameters.
  • Fluke CLKTO IR Windows are used for indoor medium voltage applications and feature an impact-resistant viewing pane so you can visually inspect even with the cover closed. Available in 3” diameter.
  • Fluke CLV IR Windows are good to go for indoor low voltage environments up to 600V and meet the UL1558 standard for low voltage switchgear. Available in 3” diameter.

Regardless of whether you have high, medium, or low voltage applications or outdoor or indoor panels, installing Fluke IR Windows will add real value to your preventive maintenance and troubleshooting. They help prevent unscheduled downtime due to failures and cut your inspection time considerably. Get more information on the full line of Fluke IR Windows to see how you can expedite your IR inspections without getting burned.

Fluke CLKT C-Range Infrared Window for Outdoor Application Technical Data

Fluke CLKT C-Range Infrared Window technical specifications and data sheet.

Fluke CLV Infrared Window for Indoor Low-Voltage Applications Technical Data

Inspect your indoor switchgear safely with the latest IR Window from Fluke. If you are concerned about arc-flash or electrocutionrisk, this latest IR Window can help increase the safety of your personnel and reduce the cost of predictive maintenance, in compliance with indoor switchgear codes.