The 376 FC Clamp Meter—Remote Readings, Flexible Probe and More

Fluke 376 FC Clamp Meter

You Asked, We Delivered—a High Quality Clamp Meter with BOTH Remote Transmission AND a Flexible Current Probe

Electrical troubleshooting has never been this easy, this efficient or this safe before, as Fluke packs a slew of in-demand features into the new 376 FC 1000A Clamp Meter. Developed specifically to meet the uncompromising requirements of professional commercial and industrial electricians, the 376 FC is the only meter on the market to offer an iFlex® flexible current probe, logging and safe remote measurement capability—all in one, highly accurate, highly durable, easy to use tool.

The Meter Takes the Risks—not the Technician

With the innovative Fluke Connect® wireless system, users can set up a measurement with the 376 FC, and then turn on the power from a distance, remaining safely away from flash zones while viewing results remotely from any mobile device. From there, log and share readings with your team, create and send reports right from the field, or graph the data for even greater insights. You can even set up other Fluke Connect® compatible tools—such as thermal imaging devices or digital multimeters—and pull multiple measurements, all at once, from a distance. That not only means greater productivity, but also the potential to avoid having to get in and out of all that time-consuming, movement-hampering personal protective gear.

Flexible Jaws Make Measuring Easy in Any Circumstance

The Fluke 376 FC comes complete with the iFLEX® Flexible Current Clamp, providing the capability to smoothly measure even large and awkwardly shaped conductors far more efficiently than hard jaw probes, as well as making it easier for technicians to effectively move around and maneuver in tight, cramped spaces. The iFLEX® Flexible Current Clamp also expands the measurement range of the 376 FC to a full 2500A.

Packed with powerful features for highly efficient, productive and safe performance, day in and day out:

  • Fluke Connect® wireless measurement system improves safety, optimizes productivity
  • iFLEX® Flexible Current Clamp makes it easy to work with challenging conductors
  • True-rms for superior clarity in the noisiest electronic environments
  • Highly accurate, repeatable and reliable measurements
  • Built durable, built rugged for years of high quality daily service
  • AC/DC operation
  • Includes Batteries, Magnetic Hanging Strap, TL75 Test Leads, Soft Case and more
  • High quality 375 FC and 374 FC Fluke Connect®-compatible 600A tools also available

[PDF] Fluke Testing Functions Case Study

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