Fluke Networks VerSiv™ ProjX™ System Offers Faster System Acceptance for Copper and Fiber Certification Jobs

The VerSiv ProjX System from Fluke Networks is a device that manages job requirements and progress from setup to systems acceptance, making sure all tests are completed correctly. This device focuses on the project manager rather than the field tester. It allows project managers to set up many projects and send technicians into the field rather than having them constantly report back to the office. A technician can go out for a day, a week or a month and projects can be monitored remotely.

This video demonstrates how easy the interface is to use. A technician can easily locate the project he wants to work on and then click to see a list of tests he needs to perform. If he’s interrupted he simply goes back to the project list screen and changes projects. He can access an emergency list of projects to perform without having to undo the other tests he was performing and start over. The project manager can view how the performance of the project is going by either the number of pass/failures that are occurring or the project completion percentage. When projects are completed, the tester does not have to go back to the office. The data can be sent electronically to the cloud where it can be downloaded back at headquarters for invoicing out to the customer.

The VerSiv ProjX System by Fluke Networks makes testing faster and more efficient.