Test Copper and Fiber Links Twice As Fast With Versiv™ From Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks Versiv Tester

Today’s Fast = Tomorrow’s Slow. Are You Keeping Up?

Contractors and installers that test copper and fiber links face challenging new expectations from project managers, and business owners and management alike:

  • 62% of project managers believe the time to complete jobs needs to be reduced
  • 72% of project managers believe that finding good temporary workers is challenging
  • 58% of management would spend more time building their business if they didn’t have to supervise installers
  • 53% of business owners believe that mistakes in testing hurt profitability, and that they could get jobs done better and faster with closer supervision of their teams

Contractors and installers are feeling it too:

  • 59% of cabling professionals wish their testers were faster
  • 90% of contractors report dealing with ongoing setup, testing, and reporting issues

Versiv™: For Quick, Error-Free Testing

As the newest member of the Fluke Networks cable-certification family, the Versiv™ allows contractors and installers to manage job requirements and progress—from setup to systems acceptance—to ensure that all tests are completed correctly. With the Taptive™ user interface, users enjoy simplified set up, zero errors and speedy troubleshooting.

The Versiv™ analyzes test results and creates professional test reports for copper and fiber (OLTS / OTDR) using Fluke’s proprietary LinkWare™ management software. Installers and contractors can switch media, testing types, or projects without losing their place on the job. With industry-leading copper, fiber-optic cabling certification, and troubleshooting capability, contractors and installers meet tough requirements and timelines with ease.

  • ProjX™ system manages job requirements and progress—from setup to systems acceptance—making sure all tests are completed correctly
  • Taptive™ user interface simplifies set up, eliminates errors, and speeds troubleshooting
  • Analyze test results and create professional test reports for copper and fiber (OLTS / OTDR) with LinkWare™ management software
  • Switch media, testing types, or projects, without losing your place on the job
  • Industry-leading copper and fiber-optic cabling certification and troubleshooting capability in a single, future-ready design
  • Wired and Wi-Fi network troubleshooting module available

DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™

Improves the efficiency of copper certification with a nine second CAT 6A test. ProjX™ management system ensures jobs are done right the first time. The modular Versiv™ platform supports fiber testing and upgrades to future standards. Analyze test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare reporting software. [PDF] Fluke Networks DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer Datasheet

Video Series: Getting Started with the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer

CertiFiber® Pro Optical Loss Test Set

Improves the efficiency of fiber certification with a six second loss measurement of two fibers at two wavelengths. Taptive™ user interface provides simple, animated guidance to eliminate incorrect reference setup and "negative loss" errors. Modular Versiv™ platform supports singlemode and multimode fiber plus copper and OTDR modules. [PDF] Fluke Networks CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set

Video Series: Getting Started with the CertiFiber® Pro Optical Loss Test Set

OptiFiber® Pro OTDR

Enterprise fiber troubleshooting and certification built on the Versiv™ platform. The Taptive™ user interface turns any technician into a fiber expert, eliminates errors that occur when testing fiber, while its ultra-short dead zones enable testing of condensed, connector-rich fiber used in data centers. Interchangeable modules support fiber loss and copper testing. Fluke Networks OptiFiber Pro Data Sheet PDF

Video Series: Getting Started with the OptiFiber® Pro OTDR


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