Learn More About Versiv DSX-5000 Cable Analyzer

As the newest member of the Fluke Networks cable-certification family, the Versiv™ allows contractors and installers to manage job requirements and progress—from setup to systems acceptance—to ensure that all tests are completed correctly. Learn more about Versiv.

Still need a reason to upgrade? Here are five reasons why the Versiv is the right choice for your testing needs.

Faster Set Up

Versiv’s ProjX™ management system makes setup easy and foolproof. Enter the testing details for the job once, and your techs are given the choice of only the correct tests for that job – especially valuable when the tester moves from job to job. The LinkWare™ Live cloud service even lets you set up your testers without bringing them back to the office.

Faster Testing

The Versiv is faster than the DTX: twice as fast for Cat 6A and four times as fast for fiber loss testing. Versiv accelerates fiber testing with features that aren’t available on the DTX. The Smart Loop™ feature lets you perform an OTDR test on two fibers at once and even allows bi-directional testing without moving the tester to the other end. Forget about scrounging around for hard-to-find SD memory cards – Versiv can store up to 12,000 test results internally and up to 64GB on handy memory sticks.

Reduced Mistakes

Call-backs can turn a profitable job into an unprofitable one. With Versiv’s ProjX management system, your techs can only choose the tests that you define for the specific job. LinkWare Live lets you track testing the status of each job from any mobile device, down to the level of each individual test. It will even indicate when unexpected tests are being performed

Faster Reporting

Since Versiv uses the same LinkWare software as the DTX, there’s no learning curve when it comes to reporting. Instead of hauling testers or memory cards back to the office, just upload the results from Versiv to the LinkWare Live cloud service, which automatically assigns the right tests to the right job – across all your testers.

Future Ready

Investing in Versiv means you’ll also be ready to take on new jobs. Versiv supports future measurements such as TCL and resistance unbalance that your DTX never will. Certify coax and standard or industrial Ethernet patch cords in both directions. Test singlemode fibers that are more than ten times as long. And the modular design means you can add new capabilities without buying a new tester.


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