Fluke Networks MultiFiber Pro Webinar Q&A

The Fluke Networks MultiFiber™ Pro is the only fiber tester that can test MPO fiber trunks without the use of fan-out cords, it eliminates the complexity of polarity issues and it makes cassettes easier to test in the field.

The MultiFiber Pro is 95 percent faster than the single fiber testing method because it measures power loss and validates polarity on 12 fibers in a single connector.

Watch a replay of the Graybar and Fluke webinar, "Finally! A Way to Test High Speed Data Center Fiber." Below are the questions and answers from the webinar.

Q. I have a 40/100 Gig project I'm doing now and we are using the Systimax MPO cassette that accepts 2 X 12 MPO - but hands off 3 X 8 fiber MPO. Can this tester test 8 fiber configurations?

A. Yes. The 8 fiber configurations are actually 12 fiber MPOs with the middle 4 fibers dark.

Q. After referencing with the Multifiber Pro should you connect the two reference cables to ensure that the added cable is low loss as you did with the first test method?

A. This becomes difficult because MPOs are not genderless. The only way to verify the reference cords is to use a third cord to connect the two reference cords. Then measure the loss to ensure it is low.

Fluke Networks MPO Trunk Testing

Q. Do you have this unit in singlemode?

A. At this time we do not. We will consider adding singlemode source in the future.

Q. Are the test cords always type B?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you also test the 24 fiber variations of MPO/MTPs?

A. Yes. Testing 24 fiber variations requires a 24-to-2x12 MPO break out. However, most 24 fiber MPOs are broken out to 3x8 MPOs.

Q. This unit can be used for non-MPO trunks by utilizing a burst cable, right? In other words, you can effectively test 12 fibers at a time?

A.Yes, but since you have to utilize a break out cable you may find it more efficient to test with DTX.

Q. What would this cost? We had to spend $85,000 to come up with an EXFO MM Switch combo for MTP/MPO testing. Will this be significantly cheaper?

A. The base package, which has the Power Meter and Light Source with all test cord, is listed at $9,995. The Inspection package, which is the base package with an MPO inspection probe, is listed at $13,995. This product is also eligible for financing through Graybar Financial Services. See the financing table below.

Q. Will there be modules available for the DTX in the future?

A. We are always looking for valuable feedback like this. We will take it under consideration.

Q. If the test leads used are Type A, can the tester be configured to provide accurate results regarding the trunk polarity?

A. We supply Type B test cords with the kits to ensure polarity is correctly reported.

Q. Would you use this for MPO-LC trunks or would the other tester be the more efficient route?

A. MPO-LC trunks present a difficult testing configuration. MultiFiber Pro will likely provide the most efficient solution for this configuration.

Q. Any plan for an add-on to the DTX to support this same style of testing?

A. We are always looking for valuable feedback like this. We will take it under consideration.

Q. Please consider a singlemode MTP head for the DTX. That would be highly desirable.

A. We are always looking for valuable feedback like this. We will take it under consideration.

Q. While we're making suggestions...a single unit that does both would be idea.

A. We are always looking for valuable feedback like this. We will take it under consideration.

Finance Your Testing Solutions

MFTK-1400 MultiFiber Pro Inspection Kit includes MFTK1200, FT600, MPO Tip, MPO Cleaner $13,995
GLD-MFTK 1 year of Gold support for MFTK1400 x quantity of 3 to represent 3 years of Gold support $5,256
  Total Price $19,251
  Graybar Leasing $623* Per Month

For more financing details contact your local Graybar Sales Representative or contact Graybar Financial Services at

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*Lease payments are estimates based on a 36 month lease with a $1 end of term purchase option. Rate may vary depending upon individual credit profile. A deposit equal to the first and last loan or lease payment may be due in advance. Each transaction requires a one-time documentation fee. Rates are subject to change without notice.