MultiFiber™ Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits


Introducing the MultiFiber™ Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits. MultiFiber Pro is the only fiber tester that tests MPO fiber trunks without the use of fan-out cords, eliminates the complexity of polarity issues and makes cassette testing in the field much easier.

Whether it is using 10 Gbps pre-terminated fiber trunks or planning for next-generation 40/100 Gbps performance, data centers are standardizing on an MPO connector solution. Typical fiber installation means time-consuming, manual and imprecise MPO validation. MultiFiber Pro is 90 percent faster than the single-fiber testing method because it measures power loss and validates polarity on 12 fibers in a single connector— reducing test time from weeks to days.

  • Automatic scanning and testing of all fibers in MPO connectors
  • Ensures correct end-to-end connectivity of MPO connectors with built-in polarity verification
  • On-board MPO connector so no fan-out cords are required when testing fiber trunks
  • Easy to interpret test result with a simple user interface that displays all 12 fibers
  • Troubleshoots a single fiber by measuring loss of selective fiber within an MPO trunk
  • No dust caps to manage or lose with shuttered MPO connector

Fluke Networks MultiFiber Pro Data Sheet

MultiFiber Pro takes the complexity out of testing MPO trunks for loss and polarity. With anon-board MPO connector, it is the first tester to automate the MPO fiber-trunk testing processwithout using a fan-out cord. The power meter/light source boasts industry-first functions suchas automatic scanning of all twelve fibers and display of test results in an easy-to-read bar graph.These innovative features allow MultiFiber Pro kits to eliminate the complexity of testing MPOtrunks, making it 90 percent faster than the traditional simplex test methods.