Fluke Networks LinkWare Live Video

Join Fluke Networks Product Manager Harshad Kharche to learn about their new product LinkWare Live.

One of the biggest problems that installers experience is test results management. After the datacomm installer has the test results in the cable tester, it’s a challenge to get the results to the main office. Traditionally, they either ship the tester physically back to the office or download the results onto thumb drives or SD cards which could get corrupted.

Another challenge that project managers face is getting insights into certification jobs. Oftentimes, they call their foremen on site to get real-time updates.

Fluke Networks has developed a solution to these issues. LinkWare Live is a cloud based service that can directly transmit results from the fiber tester to the cloud. Users can then log in and check the results in near real-time and even look at test limits for test results - a common problem for project managers.

Another advantage – multiple testers need to have information collected in one central location. LinkWare Live lets you download multiple results in the cloud with the click of one button, allowing you to get all the results at one time. This is a big time-savings. With LinkWare Live, all your results are safe in the cloud.

Fluke Networks Versiv, DTX-5000, OptiFiber Pro and CertiFiber Pro are compatible with LinkWare Live and best of all LinkWare Live is free.

If you already own a Versiv, make sure you have the latest firmware and LinkWare and you can begin to use LinkWare Live. And since LinkWare is browser-based, there’s no need to update your computer software.

Graybar is proud to team up with Fluke Networks to help installers power, network and secure facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency and provide them with tools like LinkWare Live. For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.