Total Project Visibility, Accuracy and Control: LinkWare™ Live From Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks Linkware Live

Are You Missing Test Results?

Often, contractors and installers use multiple testers across several sites. Collecting and consolidating data from each can be time consuming. Without the right data, you could miss results. (And retesting is an expense that no one needs.)

LinkWare Live software from Fluke Networks helps project managers handle multiple cabling infrastructure jobs simultaneously. LinkWare Live makes test data management and reporting simple and effortless—with unmatched job visibility and superior control, from anywhere at any time.

Take Control With LinkWare Live

With LinkWare Live, collecting and validating data from different testers and sites is effortlessly consolidated into a single project. With an easy-to-read dashboard and real-time access to results, you can quickly validate jobs and correct testing mistakes—from any browser or device. You can quickly evaluate PASS/FAIL status of results and identify why the tests failed—delivering timely and accurate feedback to field technicians.

LinkWare Cable Test Management Software also connects to the LinkWare Live service. This allows you to download test results into the LinkWare Cable Test Management Software to generate professional reports in a common format. LinkWare Live is compatible with a number of Fluke Networks products, including OptiFiber® Pro OTDR, DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™, and CertiFiber® Pro Optical Lost Test Set.

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.


  • Get instant insight into how jobs are progressing with job status dashboards
  • Improve scheduling and resource allocation by tracking job progress
  • Real-time access to test results to ensure testing is done right the first time
  • Quickly evaluate PASS/FAIL status of test results and provide quick assistance to remote technicians
  • Easily transfer test results from the remote tester to the reporting software
  • Reduce time required to consolidate test results from multiple testers
  • Real-time access to test results means you avoid repeat work due to incorrect testing
  • Eliminate travel to deliver test results from the remote site to the central office


[PDF] Fluke Networks LinkWare Live Data Sheet

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