FirstLight Fully Integrated Solar LED Lighting

FirstLight offers fully integrated solar LED lighting products. We have a bollard product category. We also offer pull mounted luminaires for area and sight light applications. We see those being used a lot for pathways and parking lot applications.

FirstLight has a solar and AC option for some products. Depending on the application, solar can be used where it makes sense and AC where needed. AC products are on the DLC so in terms of product category it's best-in-class from an efficacy standpoint. And it's LED facts listed as well.

An installation option with a ground screw can get installs as quick as 30 minutes in the ground.

From a contractor's perspective, it's easy to install and very easy to permit. Contractors aren't running any wires so the hardest part is setting the pole. You don't need any specialized tools or specialized trade. You plug in a battery, set it on a pole and away you go.

Installation savings have been seen up front, so if you're looking at an AC alternative, FirstLight lights are immediately cost-effective when compared to running trenching with wires and conduit in the ground.

End users typically consist of municipalities, universities, government institutions for pathway, park applications; anywhere it's a challenge to get to lighting from the grid.

Solar lighting makes sense in areas where you have new construction or aging infrastructure. If you have to run new wire or put a spade to the ground, these immediately pay for themselves.

All FirstLight products are available for rebates.

[PDF] FirstLight LED Lighting Brcohure