The Hard-To-Steal Cable: ERICO CU-BOND Composite Cable

ERICO CU-BOND Composite Cable

Hold On To Your Copper, Folks

The resale value of copper commands top dollar. For scheming thieves trying to make a quick buck, that’s a tempting prospect. Whether it’s pilfering utility power stations, jobsites, or power poles, brazen thieves risk their necks and grab copper from wherever they can. To prevent valuable cable from walking away, ERICO built a better mousetrap.

The Cable That’s Worth Its Weight In Copper

The CU-BOND Cable from ERICO is ideal for exposed electrical grounding applications where copper theft is a risk. Hiding in plain sight, the CU-BOND has a tough, corrosion-resistant outer layer—tinned copper and bonded steel—that disguises valuable inner copper strands. Difficult to identify, and hard to cut with hand tools, this conductor stops thieves in their tracks.

While other solutions on the market—such as copper-clad, steel conductors—may do in a pinch, the CU-Bond Cable is miles ahead when it comes to ease of use. Increased flexibility and a more durable design result in greater cost savings down the road.

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  • Theft-resistant design hides internal copper strands from view
  • Tinned-copper, bonded-steel outer strands are corrosion resistant and deter theft
  • Superior flexibility and ease of use over copper-clad steel conductors
  • Tinned-copper inner layer increases conductivity, durability, and flexibility
  • Suitable for direct burial applications
  • Three sizes/configurations with electrical equivalency to 4, 2/0, and 4/0 AWG copper