Universal Pedestal Clamp, part of the ERITECH® line from ERICO® and Mesh Bonding Network Connector

Take advantage of the exploding datacom market with the Universal Pedestal Clamp, part of the ERITECH® line from ERICO. This innovation offers fast, simple and cost-effective field construction of mesh bonding network and cable management systems below raised floors in data centers and computer rooms.

Field connection of grounding and bonding wires is quick, easy and economical with ERICO's Mesh Bonding Network Connectors. Each of these connectors works with a range of wire sizes, making it easy to configure a Supplementary Bonding Grid (or Signal Reference Grid) within the larger Mesh Bonding Network.

Features at a Glance

Erico Universal Pedestal Clamp

Universal Pedestal Clamp

  • Only one attachment required for both mesh bonding and cable management
  • Eliminates need for separate mounting brackets for different pedestal types or sizes
  • Stainless steel bracket and hardware minimizes galvanic corrosion
  • No need to bend mesh bonding conductors around each pedestal to conform to grid pattern
  • Reduces material and labor cost
  • Provides attachment points for CADDY® CAT LINKS J-Hooks for cable management in both directions below the raised floor
  • Full code compliance (NEC® Article 250 and NEC Article 300)
  • UL® Listed as a grounding/bonding clamp in addition to a cable support
Erico Mesh Bonding Network Connector

Mesh Bonding Network Connector

  • MBNC heavy-duty clamp with stainless steel hardware suitable for direct burial
  • Combine with Universal Pedestal Clamp for bonding to various pedestal sizes for Mesh Bonding Networks
  • Full code compliance (NEC® Article 250)
  • UL® 467 Listed