The Complete, Un-Corrodible Connection: ERICO CADWELD PLUS

ERICO Cadweld Plus System

Simple Process, Strong Performance

Since 1938, the ERICO CADWELD product line has led the way in the development and innovation of welded connections. With ERICO CADWELD PLUS, electrical connections have become easier to implement while supporting current carrying capacities equal to or greater than those of the conductor. Featuring color-coded welding material, ERICO CADWELD PLUS requires little to no training for installation, resulting in less frequent misapplications and installation errors. ERICO CADWELD PLUS can survive repeated fault currents without issue. It all adds up to a tool that you can trust - an easy-to-use instrument that creates connections that equal the lifetime of the installation.

No External Ignition Required

While the majority of welded connections require some sort of external ignition to begin the welding process, ERICO CADWELD PLUS is entirely self-contained with the ignition source, welding material, and disk in a new cup design. This self-contained design means that you’re spending less money on equipment and less energy carrying it around - savings that you can see and feel! Don’t worry, this new innovation doesn’t lead to a reduction in quality; ERICO CADWELD PLUS connections do not loosen, corrode, or increase in resistance.

In addition to the self-contained design, ERICO CADWELD PLUS also features an Electronic Control Unit to facilitate safe and easy ignition. With leads of six or fifteen feet, the Electronic Control Unit allows you to create connections in previously difficult-to-reach areas. Convenience is king, and the ERICO CADWELD PLUS will soon become your most convenient bonding tool!

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Weld Metal

Cadweld Plus Control Unit


Features of the CADWELD PLUS System

  • Tamper-proof, moisture-resistant, disposable welding cup
  • Reduced risk of misapplication with color-coded welding material
  • Electronic Control Unit offers increased convenience and flexibility
  • Creates connections that do not loosen, corrode, or increase in resistance
  • Self-contained unit removes need for external ignition source
  • Reduces installation times by up to 20%

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