Choose ERICO CADDY® SPEED LINK for Faster Support

Save money, installation time, inventory and shipping costs with CADDY® SPEED LINK. It supports a wide variety of objects – at any angle - without drilling! Easy to adjust too.

Features at a Glance

  • Cost and time-saving alternative to jack chain, threaded rod and associated hardware
  • Can be used with lighting, cable tray, ductwork, electrical bus way, pipe and tube, conduit and signage from overhead building structural members
  • Small, lightweight design reduces installation time, inventory, storage space and shipping costs
  • Requires no special training or equipment for installation
  • 2mm (100 lb. static load) and 3mm (200 lb. static load) wire ropes have a 5-to-1 safety factor
  • All-steel construction for superior fire resistance and carries a DIN 4102-2 fire rating for 30 minutes at 30% load
  • cULus® listed

Download the SPEED LINK Brochure