The Versatile, Easy-to-Adjust Universal Support System: CADDY® SPEED LINK SLK System from ERICO®

ERICO CADDY Speed Link SLK System

Regardless of trade or structure, there’s a common need to safely and securely support objects overhead. No one likes a bump to the head, and none of us wants the liability of objects falling from above. Overhead items need to be securely held in place with a support system that works 100% of the time.

Traditional overhead support methods have shortcomings that complicate installation, including time-consuming adjustment, and difficulties with cutting, handling, and transportation. Typical overhead support methods are also limited in strength to the “weak link,” are usually over-dimensioned, and aren’t visually appealing, with ropes that fray or tangle.

The Speedy, Strong Support System

CADDY® SPEED LINK is a universal support system designed to reduce installation time. A cost-effective alternative to jack chain, threaded rod, strut, and strut nuts, this innovative solution has the flexibility to meet a variety of support needs.

Features of the universal support system 

The adaptable solution that streamlines installation & adjustment:

  • Push/pull keyless release allows for easy adjustments
  • System supports both 1.5 mm and 2 mm cables
  • Cable spread of 90 degrees allows positioning the device closer to the load
  • Keyless release tubes are easy to operate while wearing gloves
  • Double-sided locking mechanism enables simple height adjustment
  • Works with an assortment of CADDY® fasteners

The robust system that end-users need:

  • Individual packaging holds wire rope neatly until objects are ready to install
  • Systems include locking device, wire rope, and specialty end fitting
  • Strong, yet flexible, wire rope
  • Extensive range of end fittings for various types of structural attachments
  • Allows objects to be hung at a variety of angles, even from sloped ceilings
  • Low-profile locking device minimizes visual impact


[PDF] CADDY SPEED LINK Universal Support System Brochure

[PPT] CADDY SPEED LINK Innovations in Overhead Support

[PDF] CADDY SPEED LINK SLK Features and Benefits

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