Save On Time and Inventory Management With ERICO's CADDY® CAT HP J-Hook System Video

The CADDY® CAT HP J-Hook System is a modular system that allows for installation of J-Hooks utilizing fasteners that can snap on to the system. It’s a 5 J-Hook system with 5 different sizes of J-Hooks and 23 different types of fasteners that can simply snap on to the J-Hooks. The CADDY® CAT HP J-Hook System is also available in 8 different colors and various pre-assembled J-Hook tree configurations, including 2”, 4” and 2, 3, and 4 tiers and in single and double-sided configurations. It’s very flexible and will save a lot of time on installation and minimize the amount of materials that have to be stored in your warehouse.

The video shows 2 J-Hook trees with 4 J-Hooks that allow for four different cable disciplines to be installed. They could be data, audio/visual, fire and security and telephone, all segmented on the same J-Hook tree. From a time saving perspective, what’s nice is that this system keeps you from having to purchase screws and rivets to assemble your fasteners. Literally they will snap in and save approximately 30 percent of your time for an installation. Also from an inventory perspective, the CADDY® CAT HP J-Hook System will minimize the amount of material you need to carry on your service truck or warehouse.