The Easy-Install, Low-Hardware, Pathway-Support Solution: CADDY® CAT HP J-Hook System


The Need: Superior Cable Capacity and Performance

In today’s day and age, free-flowing data and communication is expected. Datacom customers need world-class cable capacity and pathway-support solutions for high-performance cables. And electrical and datacom contractors could always use lower hardware, labor, and installation costs.

The CADDY CAT HP J-Hook System is an advanced, non-continuous pathway-support solution ideal for today’s datacom environment. Highly engineered features deliver a stable and secure installation that complies with industry codes and standards for high-performance cables and cabling systems.

The Economical Alternative To Wire-Mesh Cable and Ladder Tray

Unlike wire mesh cable tray, ladder tray, or similar complex alternatives, the CADDY CAT HP System requires significantly less materials and installs in a fraction of the time. No additional supports, special tools, or connection fittings are required.

This versatile solution accommodates a wide range of attachment methods, and is available as individual J-Hooks, pre-built CADDY CAT HP assemblies and multi-tiered trees, as well as interchangeable CADDY CAT HP components.

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  • Provides optimal support for high-performance data cable, up to and including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7, and fiber optic
  • Typically requires less time, labor, and material for installation vs. cable tray systems
  • Requires no screws, rivets, or special tools for assembly
  • Provides superior fill capacity and load rating vs. most other non-continuous cable support alternatives
  • Offers a variety of attachment methods
  • Engineered to accommodate future emerging data cables
  • Recyclable and is produced with up to 80 percent recycled steel
  • Uses up to 88 percent less material by weight vs. traditional cable tray methods
  • Complies with EN 50174-2
  • Meets ISO®/IEC 14763-2, TIA 568-C and TIA 569-C
  • Sturdy, steel construction with large bending radius, wide-base design, and smooth, beveled edges
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[PDF] CADDY CAT HP J-Hook System Catalog