CADDY Telescoping Box Support

Erico Telescoping Box Support

The TSRBS1625 Telescoping Box Support gives electrical and communications data contractors added flexibility and versatility in positioning 4 sq. in. and 4-11/16-in. electrical boxes and mud rings. Its unique, 1-piece break-apart design allows contractors to position the box anywhere inside the opening, and then adjust the box support to fit a variety of stud widths.

Boxes can even be installed off-site and then fit into the studs on-site without needing to modify the box location. The bracket adapts with a smooth, easy telescoping motion to fit between studs in seconds. A wide steel mounting tab allows for installation between off-center studs without adjusting the bracket.

Installers simply tighten the trim ring to lock the bracket into place. Loosening the ring allows for easy adjustment after installation without disassembly. The bracket can also be used for floor-mounted electrical boxes.

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  • Adjustable from 12-in. to 25-in. stud widths
  • Accommodates up to a 6-gang box in 16-in. stud spacing or up to 10-gang in 24-in. stud spacing
  • Supports 4 electrical boxes in 24-in. stud spacing
  • cULus listed