Electrical Boxes That Are Ready Right Away: CADDY Electrical Assemblies

Just Two Screws Required


Electrical installations typically demand a laundry list of components including an electrical box, support bracket, mud ring, far-side support and ground wire pigtail, a complex collection of parts requiring special assembly and mounting specifications. But after years of complicated installations, the CADDY Product Development team developed their new CADDY ALL-IN-ONE Electrical Assemblies, which combine all of these parts into a single solution requiring just two screws for installation. Designed with an open back for fast access, it’s easy to install conduit connectors or wiring. Designed and made in the United States, the CADDY ALL-IN-ONE Electrical Assemblies are always stocked and readily available.

The Versatile Electrical Assembly

Whether you require stud-mounted, between-stud, or floor-mounted installations, CADDY ALL-IN-ONE Electrical Assemblies are strong, sturdy, and simple to install. These assemblies also offer versatility with integrated or removable mud rings; other assemblies are created without mud rings entirely. And unlike many other electrical assemblies, CADDY ALL-IN-ONE units stay fixed in place when the mud ring is removed. It’s an installation that you can count on regardless of your needs - streamline your installations with CADDY ALL-IN-ONE Electrical Assemblies.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete assembly ready to use out of the box
  • Rigid back plate is resistant to bending and functions as far-side support
  • Fully-stocked inventory: always available when you need it
  • Open-back design makes it easier to install wiring or conduit connectors
  • Box stays fixed in place even when the mud ring is removed
[PDF] CADDY ALL-IN-ONE Electrical Assemblies Brochure


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