Reduce Your Total Cost of Install (TCI) in a Snap: CADDY's Snap-to-Stud Electrical Box Bracket

Smart. Fast. Accurate.

When you’re on the job, every wasted second eats into your Total Cost of Install (TCI). For greater speed and reliability, count on CADDY’s Snap-to-Stud Electrical Box Bracket to get the job done right. With a snap-to-stud design, installers just snap everything into place. Leaving both hands free, you’ll ramp up productivity like nobody’s business.

Consistent & Versatile

Erico Caddy STS2346 Box Mounting Brackets

The self-leveling feature of CADDY’s Snap-to-Stud Electrical Box Bracket ensures that everything is lined up square to the stud, for a consistent job every time. The brackets mount on either side of the stud or side by side on the same stud. The Snap-to-Stud Electrical Box Bracket can handle all stud depths too, streamlining pre-fab and purchasing.

To avoid costly call-backs and repairs, you need quality and consistency during the trim-out phase. Relax. The Snap-to-Stud Electrical Box Bracket has you covered on that front too. As far as TCI goes, that’s a win we all can appreciate.

Durable. Stable. Rigid.

Fold-out tabs provide extra rigidity when you’re mounting to the open face of studs, so you can scrap those makeshift field-fabricated solutions. For added stability, simply secure the bracket to the front and inside face of the stud with additional mounting tabs. Plus, specially shaped keyholes provide greater access to the box in the field, even when you remove the mud ring. CADDY’s Snap-to-Stud Electrical Box Bracket. The new standard for electrical box installs.

Features and Benefits

  • Works with all stud depths, for easy purchasing and pre-fab
  • Can be installed on the open or closed side of the stud with superior rigidity
  • Snap-to-stud function speeds up installation
  • Self-leveling feature keeps the box square to the stud
  • Can be nested side by side on the same stud
  • Compatible with adjustable or standard single mud rings, as well as double-gang mud rings
  • Reduce costly trim out re-work with consistency and quality during the rough-in phase

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