CADDY Prefab Solutions

Innovative components for ready-to-install assemblies.

Versatile CADDY® products from ERICO offer innovative, time-saving fixing and fastening solutions you can pre-fabricate off-site, then install the pre-finished electrical assemblies on the job. Versatile CADDY prefab products cover a range of assembly configurations and orientations with fewer parts.

With CADDY prefab solutions, you can quickly adjust to unexpected obstacles without dismantling assemblies and re-building them in the field.

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CADDY Prefab Solutions

Use CADDY prefab solutions in wide range of applications:

  • On-stud Applications – Use the TEB23 electrical box bracket, stud wall cable/conduit supports, adjustable far-side box supports.
  • Between-stud Applications – Use the TSRBS1625 telescoping box support, CADDY® GLIDER electrical box attachment, telescoping screw gun bracket.
  • Datacom – Use the box eliminator conduit support (MPCB1220), single- and double-gang plate mounting brackets, single- and double-gang box eliminator conduit supports.
  • Ceiling Applications – Use the 512HD electrical box hanger, FMSBC1 fixture mount stabilizer clip.
  • Trapeze Applications – Use the CADDY® ROD LOCK anchor screw, beam clamp, channel nut and the SN Series Nut.
  • Cable/Conduit Supports – Use M-Series conduit clips, ideal for use with beam clamps for both vertical and horizontal conduit installation.

Save time and expense with CADDY easy-to-use, adaptable prefab products. Your Graybar representative has more information.