A wider selection for faster installation.

CADDY® CAT LINKS from ERICO and Graybar offer the widest-ranging selection of J-Hooks on the market, with a bending radius that meets TIA standards for 5e and Cat 6a, plus Cat 7, large-diameter optical fiber, innerduct and coax cable. They come in six colors for easier identification of cable runs in security systems, call centers and other critical applications.

The system installs quickly to save time and labor costs, and it's compatible with a wide variety of CADDY fasteners. To support a large amount of cable, assemble J-Hook trees quickly and easily on-site – no special tools required.

CADDY CAT LINKS are designed to accommodate high-performance cabling upgrades, so you don't have to replace infrastructure if additional cable or pathways are added. And, since the system is not a continuous pathway, it uses less material than tray systems.


Features at a Glance

  • Wide-base design with smooth, beveled edges provides a large bending radius for 10Gb Systems for all J-Hook sizes
  • Meets ISO®/IEC® 18010, TIA-569-B; can be used for large diameter cable, including Cat 6a and Cat 7
  • Accommodates a variety of attachment methods and is expandable for additional integrated pathways
  • All J-Hooks can be attached to other fasteners in multiple configurations:
    • J-Hook- to- J-Hook (using tree mounting bracket (CATHPTM)
    • J-Hook to fasteners
  • Install fastener, tree bracket or puller assemblies without screws, rivets or special tools
  • All-steel construction provides superior fire resistant performance and meets DIN 4102-12 (E30); no grounding necessary
  • Less time and labor are required to install the CADDY CAT LINKS system compared to cable tray systems
  • Color coded to easily identify various cable runs, such as security or call center

Talk to your Graybar representative now about saving time and money with CADDY CAT LINKS J-Hooks.

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