Video: Save up to 70% Set Up Time with a Reel within a Reel

Today what Encore Wire has is the reel payoff and the reel payoff is our reel within a reel. We offer this starting on a 24" and go up to a 48" reel. As you can see, the inner drum interlocks from some steel pins and allows it to free spin as the contractor is pulling. So if you have a parallel with pulling heads, this actually comes on a 4-way pallet so it can be dropped directly on at the jobsite and is ready to pull. You just pull the pins from the side and it's immediately ready with a free spinning drum so it's ready to pull.

On setup time alone, we've put statistics together that show it saves up to 70% of your set up time. What it does on the labor savings as far as your set up time, what this allows is you can remove these pins, if it is off the pallet you can flip them around. They become their own stabilizing legs which eliminates the need for a jack stand. So we've actually proven in the process whereas you have a 48" reel and may need 2-3 people to set up, we can reduce the amount of people needed to set up.

There's nothing like it within the industry, as far as being a reel within a reel, this is the first one we've seen in our industry.