Encore Wire Reel Payoff®

Tons of features and crazy savings, the industry’s only self-spinning wooden reel saves 74% total man-hours and fits into small spaces with 360-degree maneuverability.

Encore Wire ReelPayoff Product Sheet

Reduce your setup and pull time on your next wire pull when using Encore installed, color-coded pulling heads. Available for both copper and aluminum conductors in sizes 8 AWG – 1000 KCMIL.

[VID] Save up to 70% Set Up Time with a Reel within a Reel

Encore Wire has a reel payoff and the reel payoff is our reel within a reel. We offer this starting on a 24" and go up to a 48" reel. As you can see, the inner drum interlocks from some steel pins and allows it to free spin as the contractor is pulling. So if you have a parallel with pulling heads, this actually comes on a 4-way pallet so it can be dropped directly on at the jobsite and is ready to pull.