A Single Point for Centralizing Data with Liebert iCOM-S System Control

The iCOM-S is a new supervisory control for thermal management of data centers. It provides a higher level of protection, security and efficiency for the data center. It supervises all the cooling units and controls within the data center. It manages their capacity, the machine to machine communications, and the efficiency level of the units to provide a higher level of efficiency of the data center.

If you have multiple cooling units in your data center, this will coordinate the activity of all of the units to provide a high level of efficiency. If something happens in one part of the data center, the different units will collaborate to get rid of that hot spot or eliminate a problem that might be in the data center.

The new iCOM Control for data center units has an easier-to-use interface and advanced protection routines to monitor over 300 points within a specific cooling unit. For monitoring those 300 different points, it provides advanced protection routines and schemes so that your unit won't go down. It also has built into it the facilitation of machine to machine communications so it can coordinate with other cooling units to provide the higher level of protection and efficiency.

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