LumaWatt Wireless Control Solution for Outdoor Spaces Video

The LumaWatt Wireless Control Solution for outdoor spaces is great for contractors because it's very simplistic. There's only really four components to this system.

There's a wireless node that's mounted in the fixture at the factory so it's 100% tested and it's an IP65 rating, so there's no installation in the field of that component.

The other three components are a server that's installed in the building which is actually an energy manager, a network switch and a wireless gateway.

LumaWatt allows end users to save energy through time scheduling control, through daylight harvesting, through occupancy control.

Users get a web-based software they can use that allows them to not only monitor the lights, find out how they're working, if they're working, how much energy they're using, generate reports, be able change schedules, daylight harvest; very flexible with being able to save energy.

It really saves about 30-50% more energy than not having any controls at all in the outdoor space.

[PDF] LumaWatt Outdoor Wireless Control and Monitoring System Brochure

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