Everyone Knew LED Had Potential. Just Not This Much.

Cooper Lighting McGraw TopTier LED Parking Luminaire

McGraw-Edison TopTier™

The TopTier™ Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaire is an innovative solution that delivers an unparalleled combination of performance and visual comfort. This approach results in a high level of uniformity and vertical footcandles that enhances safety in the application environment.

Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business Metalux Encounter Series

Metalux Encounter™

The Metalux Encounter™ Series redefines ambient lighting by blending contemporary styling with Cooper Lighting’s proprietary WaveStream™ technology. The result is exceptional performance and superior energy savings – all at an affordable price.

Cooper Lighting Wavestream Halo SLD Series

Halo SLD

The Halo Surface LED Downlight (SLD) incorporates WaveStream™ technology to create an ultra-low profile surface mounting luminaire with the performance and appearance of a traditional downlight.

Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business Metalux SkyBar High Bay Series

Metalux SkyBar

The SkyBar WaveStream™ High Bay Series reimagines high bay and low bay lighting with distinctive aesthetics, industry-first uplight and exceptional optical performance. Multiple lumen packages and distributions provide design freedom for a wide variety of lighting applications.

Cooper Lighting Skyridge with Wavestream Technology

Metalux SkyRidge™

The SkyRidge™ Series sets a new industry standard by offering an aesthetically pleasing, yet affordable LED alternative to fluorescent fixtures. SkyRidge delivers a distinct blend of technology and beauty, making it the natural choice for today’s commercial environments.

Cooper Lighting Neo-Ray Index

Neo-Ray Index™

The INDEX by Neo-Ray brings the power of Wavestream™ to limitless applications with a suspended direct indirect LED luminaire marking the beginning of a new era now unconfined by linear fluorescent lamps. By utilizing standard or custom spacing, the precision optical panels can be placed exactly where they are most effective, dramatically reducing power consumption while simultaneously improving the overall quality of the space.

Cooper Lighting io tile Gen II

io tile Gen II

Designed for interior applications, tile G2 is a luminous, clean, finely detailed LED-based luminous tile that can be surface mounted or recessed into walls and ceilings. Six standard color options along with a plethora of custom colors offer designers a variety of opportunities for interior applications.

Cooper Lighting Corelite Divide

Corelite Divide

Corelite has reinvented itself with the introduction of the DIVIDE series powered by Wavestream™ LED. The broad offering of efficient LED products include a complete family of recessed, suspended, surface, and wall mounted luminaires. A modern and low profile design is taken to a whole new level with functionally engineered features for practical use.