Clamp Down on Risk: EBMX Series Clamped Explosionproof Enclosures from Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division

Crouse-Hinds EBMX Series Explosionproof Enclosure

Sleep Soundly with Safer Enclosures

A traditional NEMA 7 enclosure that has been properly installed is extremely safe. However, human installation error may result in bolts being left out or not torqued properly. If combustion were to occur inside an incorrectly installed enclosure, a flame could escape and ignite the outside atmosphere, damaging equipment and injuring personnel.

The EBMX Series Clamped Explosionproof Enclosures leave nothing to chance by eliminating the possibility of missing or improperly torqued bolts. Using an industry-first clamping technology, even pressure is applied across the flamepath of the enclosure for an error-proof installation and increased safety. The EBMX is available with up to 6 cover operators for improved flexibility and functionality and has a certified temperature range of -50ºC to +60ºC. All this adds up to a reduction in the explosion risk at your facility – exactly what you want from a NEMA7 enclosure.

Save Time and Money

Opening an EBMX Series Clamped Explosionproof Enclosure takes just seconds, reducing the time for opening and closing by 97%. And in industries where every minute of maintenance and installation counts against the bottom line, a faster enclosure can be worth its weight in gold.

By replacing heavy-duty bolts with a semi-clamshell clamping design, – maintenance and installation times are significantly reduced, saving you from expensive labor costs. Of course, these benefits come without compromising safety; your enclosures have never been more reliable.

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Features at a Glance

  • Clamped enclosures prevent risk from missing or improperly installed bolts
  • Opening and closing times are 97% faster than traditional bolted enclosures
  • -50C to +60C certified temperature range covers more extreme conditions
  • 65k AIC rating for high interrupting capacity protection
  • NEMA 4X enclosure for superior ingress and corrosion protection
  • Designed to be used as a starter, combo starter, disconnect switch, or breaker


[PDF] Crouse-Hinds Clamped EBMX Series Brochure
[PDF] Crouse-Hinds Clamped EBMX Series Overview

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