NEMA 7 Classified Clamped EBMX Enclosures from Eaton Crouse-Hinds Video

Some of the safety features built in to traditional enclosures can be cumbersome, such as the bolts around the face of traditional NEMA 7 Enclosures.

They are designed to ensure that the enclosure is securely closed if there should be an explosion event within the enclosure;, that those gases and hot fumes will not ignite the general atmosphere. The problem is, the bolts all have be torqued down at the exact specification, but that doesn't always happen and that could lead to a safety problem.

Crouse-Hinds has developed a solution: the new EBMX Clamp Enclosure. It's the only one of it's kind in the marketplace.

Two of the benefits of this fixture are that it allows maintenance personnel to get into the fixture in a matter of seconds, and it's much quicker get into and check and maintain.

Because of the way it's set up with the clamps, the EBMX uses four bolts that provide pressure across the entire flange. That makes it virtually impossible to make a mistake when you are sealing this up.

The line of EBMX series is up to a 65 AIC rating and it's got expanded temperature ratings from -50 to +60 degrees.

It offers labor savings for maintenance personnel and increased safety in the plant.

[PDF] Crouse-Hinds Clamped EBMX NEMA 7 Classified Enclosures Brochure