Video: Cooper Lighting Controls is Re-Inventing the Room

Eaton’s Cooper Lighting business is re-inventing the room-based lighting control system. Cooper Lighting’s all-in-one lighting controller solution for a single circuit area whether it is a room or open space, gives you multiple levels of on/off functionality as well as 0-10 volt dimming. This is all out of a single box that Cooper Lighting likes to call “a power pack on steroids.” It’s very simple when it comes to installation, essentially interrupting a single circuit running into that space. All other devices from there system are low voltage and Cat 5 connection, so Cooper Lighting provides the Cat 5 pre-terminated so the contractor has very minimal wiring to do. Everything besides the circuit to the box is low voltage and it just clicks together what we call Click & Go and self recognizable devices.

One of the biggest things contractors like about Cooper Lighting’s room-based lighting control system is that it is a non-commissioning or non-programming box. Typically lighting control systems need a technician to come and program them. This one does not. So it performs based off the wall stations you utilize or specify.

Maintenance-wise, since it is low voltage and Cat 5, it can be easily swapped out and a technician doesn’t have to come out to reprogram a switch. They just unplug one and plug in a new one and you are good to go. The Cooper Lighting room-based lighting control system is an all-in-one based solution for multiple zones, daylighting, etc. The big thing is that it is non-programming and doesn’t need start-up from a factory technician, doesn’t have to be purchased for a site visit. On top of that, it meets all your code compliance from ASHRAE to local, state energy codes,emergency codes- you name it, it’s all in one box and can handle that.