Product News

  • Cooper Lighting Portfolio 6-inch Retrofit Kit

    Cooper Lighting's new Portfolio 6-inch Retrofit Kit by Eaton's Cooper Lighting business converts existing 6-inch HID, incandescent, compact fluorescent downlights to energy saving LED. Read more.


  • Cooper Lighting WNLED Series for Commercial and Light Industrial Applications

    The new Cooper Lighting WNLED by Eaton’s Cooper Lighting business is a versatile LED wraparound series which can be used in a broad range of commercial and light industrial applications. This high quality luminaire utilizes the latest solid state lighting and electronic driver technology for optimal performance and energy efficiency. Read more.


  • WaveStream and Metalux SkyRidge FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions about WaveStream and Metalux SkyRidge


  • Light Up the Outdoors with Cooper ALL-PRO LEDs

    The ALL-PRO patent-pending LED Area and Wall Light by Eaton’s Cooper Lighting business combines high performance optics with super bright energy-efficient LEDs. Its rugged, user-friendly construction has a Dusk-to-Dawn photo control for nighttime ON and daytime OFF settings that provides a reliable security solution. Read more.


  • [VID] Halo Surface LED Downlights SLD Series

    The Halo SLD Series Surface LED Downlights from Eaton's Cooper Lighting business incorporate WaveStream™ LED technology to create an ultra-low profile, surface-mounting luminaire with the performance and look of traditional downlights, but offering up to 80 percent in energy savings.


  • [VID] Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business McGraw-Edison TopTier LED Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaire

    Eaton's Cooper Lighting business TopTierâ„¢ Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaire is an innovative solution that delivers an unparalleled combination of performance and visual comfort. The patented WaveStreamâ„¢ optical technology blocks the line of sight from the LED light sources to the observer, while extracting the maximum amount of light on task. This approach results in a high level of uniformity and vertical footcandles that enhances safety in the application environment. The TopTier luminaire is UL/cUL listed for wet locations, IP66 and 3G vibration rated.


  • McGraw-Edison TopTier LED Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaire

    The McGraw-Edison TopTier from Eaton's Cooper Lighting business is an LED lighting solution for environments where truly effective lighting is essential for safety and security. The TopTier employs the latest lighting technology for uniform brightness, reduced glare and optimal visual comfort – all while saving up to 75 percent on energy costs compared to HID.


  • [VID] Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business Lumark Crosstour LED Wall Pack or Floodlight

    Eaton's Cooper Lighting business Lumark Crosstour™ LED Wall Pack Series of luminaries provides an architectural style with super bright, energy efficient LEDs. The Lumark Crosstour™ Floodlight Kit easily attaches to the Crosstour LED Wall Pack luminaire. The floodlight kit converts 10W, 20W and 30W Crosstour wall mount luminaires into floodlighting luminaires suitable for ground or wall mount applications.


  • [VID] Metalux SkyRidge Series Recessed LED Luminaire by Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business

    The Metalux SkyRidge™ Series Recessed LED Luminaire by Eaton's Cooper Lighting business sets a new industry standard by offering an aesthetically pleasing, yet affordable LED alternative to fluorescent fixtures. Patented WaveStream™ technology provides unmatched optical performance, efficiency and unique visual style. SkyRidge delivers a distinct blend of technology and beauty, making it the natural choice for today’s commercial environments.


  • LED Technology That's Redefining Lighting

    Join us for a presentation on the new WaveStream™ LED technology by Eaton's Cooper Lighting business that is redefining lighting applications and aesthetics with unparalleled freedom of design, optical performance and brightness control. We'll discuss the Metalux Skyridge™ Series available at price points that rival traditional lighting alternatives. Please register today and discover for yourself the breakthrough lighting the industry has been waiting for.