Product News

  • Metalux SkyRidge™ Luminaires with WaveStream™ Technology

    Metalux Eaton's Cooper Lighting business introduces WaveStream™ technology in the Metalux SkyRidge™ Series LED luminaires: featuring a simple, clean and modern styling with a shallow 4-3/4” deep one-piece housing. SkyRidge luminaires are available in recessed 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' configurations (1' x 4' available early 2014).

  • Where Versatility, Efficiency & Performance Meet: Metalux Industrial Applications from Eaton's Lighting

    There's no one-lamp-fits-all approach to lighting. Whether you’re working with customers in manufacturing, food processing, grocery, or warehousing and distribution, each individual facility calls for a different combination of luminaires and lighting controls. Trust Eaton’s Metalux product line to deliver LED lighting solutions that are efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install.


  • Eaton Ephesus All Field – Outdoor Field Lighting

    The All Field Series is the ideal solution for high-caliber outdoor sports lighting with features designed with municipal, high school, collegiate and semiprofessional outdoor sports venues in mind. Offering versatility for any outdoor sport including football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse and field hockey, the All Field light delivers maintenance-free lighting with a great return on investment.


  • Uncompromising Performance + Impressive Savings: Eaton’s Metalux Cruze Recessed LED Luminaire

    In life, it’s rare that everyone gets what they want. You want steak for dinner, your family wants chicken, so you settle on leftover spaghetti and soggy veggies. (Cue the tiny violin.) But with Eaton's Metalux Cruze Recessed LED Luminaire, no one settles. Your customers enjoy impressive performance and substantial savings, and you benefit from easy, out-of-the-box installation. Read more.


  • The Floodlight That Lasts: Eaton’s Lumark Night Falcon LED Floodlight

    You want a floodlight that’s a “find it and forget about it” type of product - something you can set up and rely on for years. Eaton’s Lumark Night Falcon LED Floodlight is exactly that, offering maintenance-free performance for up to 15 years. With an efficient design for optimal light distribution, this versatile floodlight is the ideal choice for area, security, and building facade lighting. Count on the Lumark Night Falcon for steady performance. Read more.


  • Bring Your Lighting into the 21st Century with Eaton's Metalux Steeler LED Round High Bay

    Whether you’re choosing new lighting for a big box retailer or retrofitting the fixtures in a high school gymnasium, your optimal choice is Eaton’s Metalux Steeler LED Round High Bay. Reduce your carbon footprint with this energy efficient fixture; its integrated dimming sensor takes advantage of daylight and unoccupied spaces. The Steeler LED is light and long-lasting, allowing for an easy installation that you can rely on for decades.


  • Intelligent, Precise Lighting Controls: The Greengate Room Controller From Eaton's Cooper Lighting

    For electrical contractors, engineers, and lighting specifiers, adhering to lighting control code requirements is an absolute must. That’s why the Greengate Room Controller from Eaton’s Cooper Lighting was designed smarter. Now you’ll satisfy unique lighting and energy requirements for conference rooms, office spaces, and patient rooms.


  • [VID] LumaWatt Wireless Control Solution for Outdoor Spaces

    LumaWatt allows end users to save energy through time scheduling control, through daylight harvesting, through occupancy control.


  • Smart Lighting Just Got Smarter: The Integrated Sensor Control System From Eaton

    With a sensor system built into every luminaire, the Integrated Sensor Control System is what you’ve come to expect from Eaton. With a single product to mount and one electrical connection to make, Eaton’s Integrated Sensor Control System was built with installers in mind. Read more.


  • Graybar Helps Rauhorn Electric Light the Detroit Metropolitan Airport

    The new lighting fixtures are estimated to reduce annual energy consumption by more than 7,345,000 kWh, resulting in 66 percent energy savings with an anticipated overall energy and maintenance savings of approximately $1.2 million annually.