Bring Your Lighting into the 21st Century with Eaton's Metalux Steeler LED Round High Bay

Metalux Steeler LED Round High Bay

High-Performance, Low-Energy

Lighting installations can be an afterthought when constructing large spaces like big box retailers, gymnasiums, and warehouses. But as developments in energy efficiency continue to grow, installers and managers who don’t take advantage of new technology will find themselves looking at increased spending and decreased performance. Eaton’s Metalux Steeler LED Round High Bay offers a high-performance solution that will serve your installation for years to come. With L83 lumen maintenance at 60,000 hours and an innovative design for conservation, this powerful light fixture offers high performance in new spaces and an immediate upgrade over outdated equipment.

The Light You Need, No Matter What

The Steeler LED is designed for suspension mounting with multiple mounting options, and installers can choose from one of four standard lumen packages. The fixture’s light and compact design makes it an easy installation for new projects and a simple retrofit in existing facilities. The installation is made even easier by the Steeler LED’s modular wiring system.

LED lighting is the clear choice over HID and linear fluorescent high bays. The Steeler LED Round High Bay outperforms these obsolete lighting fixtures in terms of energy savings, system life, and a decreased environmental footprint; these benefits come without any reduction in optical performance.

Metalux Steeler LED Round High Bay

Features and Benefits

  • L83 lumen maintenance at 60,000 hours
  • Lightweight design for easy installation and retrofitting
  • Standard 0-10V dimming driver
  • Occupancy and daylight sensor for energy efficiency
  • Narrow, medium, and wide distributions for a variety of installations
  • High efficacy up to 127 lm/W
[PDF] Metalux Steeler LED Round High Bay Brochure
[PDF] Metalux Industrial LED Luminaires Brochure

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