Smart Lighting Just Got Smarter: The Integrated Sensor Control System From Eaton

Cooper Lighting Integrated Sensor Control System

Seamless Coverage & Performance

With a sensor system built into every luminaire, the Integrated Sensor Control System is what you’ve come to expect from Eaton. The sensor system is factory-wired to the luminaire, switching on or off based on occupancy and dimming when enough daylight is available. With adjustable default settings for occupant, target light level, preset lighting levels and more, smart lighting just got smarter.

Total Efficiency

The Integrated Sensor Control System utilizes LED technology to reduce energy consumption and lower maintenance costs. An integrated sensor system and driver options reduce complexity and address control regulations. The end result is improved quality of lighting in ambient spaces with optics that balance task illuminance and spatial brightness.

Easy, Fast & Economical

With a single product to mount and one electrical connection to make, Eaton’s Integrated Sensor Control System was built with installers in mind. With no new wires, an in-place fixture retrofit is all you need to meet most energy codes in commercial spaces.

Installing fixtures with the Integrated Sensor is a faster, more economical option than furnishing and installing traditional occupancy and daylight sensors. In fact, this state-of-the-art system achieves the lowest installed cost in small spaces vs. traditional control products. Now that’s smart.

[PDF] Eaton Integrated Sensor Lighting Control Flyer

Features at a Glance

  • Factory wired and ready to meet code—right out of the box
  • Out-of-the-box operation with thoughtful default settings
  • Straightforward installation and no new wires means a low installed cost
  • Adjustable default settings for occupancy, target light level, preset lighting levels, and more using the optional remote control
  • Optional Remote Control—choose one per project or area
  • Ensure seamless coverage and performance with a sensor system built into every luminaire
  • Adds to the contemporary aesthetic of both WaveStream™ LED Encounter™ and SkyRidge™ luminaires, as well as the Metalux Cruze™ LED series

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