In Stock Eaton Bussmann Medium Voltage Fuses

Eaton Bussmann now has the largest medium voltage fuse line in the industry: Type E, Type R and PT transformer-style. So what's a medium voltage fuse? It’s a lot bigger and heavier than what is traditionally stocked. Medium voltage fuses start at 1000 volts and go all the way up to 38 kV.

Eaton Bussmann medium voltage fuses are ANSI-style, meaning they will fit almost every single manufacturer of medium voltage equipment in the U.S.

These fuses are used in medium voltage equipment, both switchgear and control. It can be used in MRO for a replacement or if you have an OEM customer that's building medium voltage equipment gear, it will fit their applications as well.

Not every industrial or big customer out there has medium voltage service coming into their facility, but if you do, this is the type of protection that you need to protect that medium voltage equipment.

Graybar now stocks Eaton Bussmann medium voltage fuses in two different zone warehouses. One of the biggest challenges you face in trying to find a medium voltage fuse is the availability. Graybar's made the investment; it's there, it's in stock, you can buy them today.

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