Increasing Power Density The Smart Way: Eaton's Bussmann® Series Low-Profile Compact Circuit Protector (CCPLP)

Bussmann Low-Profile Compact Circuit Protector CCPLP

Less Space. More Power & Safety.

With the Bussmann series CCPLP, data centers can ramp up power density without worrying about available fault currents or adding unnecessary transformers to increase impedance. With an SCCR up to 200kA and a compact footprint, the CCPLP ramps up power without wasting precious panel space. Plus, open-fuse indication speeds troubleshooting upon an open fuse—for a no-fuss solution.

For total safety, the CCPLP prevents the user from removing the fuse under load. For enhanced maintenance safety—and reduced risk of accidental switching—the CCPLP locks “OFF” and “ON.” A 600Vac rating allows users to apply the CCPLP in any low-voltage application. That means total design flexibility, regardless of system voltage. Plus, the Bussmann series CCPLP can be a drop in replacement for low-profile panel mount circuit breakers with more than 10x the interrupting rating.

Small Footprint. Optimal Power & Uptime.

The CCPLP is the smallest fused UL 98 switch in the electrical industry, and can be panel mounted in a variety of applications. What’s more, the CCPLP can help to easily achieve selective coordination of the electrical distribution system, ensuring reliable power and maximum uptime. Available in a variety of options, this versatile, fused disconnect switch is able to reject other class fuses while providing the flexibility to change ampacity within the fuse class, if needed.

[PDF] Bussmann Series Data Center Circuit Protection Application Note

[PDF] Bussmann Low Profile Compact Circuit Protector Spec Sheet

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Features at a Glance

  • Small, compact footprint—Reduces panel space requirements
  • High SCCR (up to 200kA)—Increase power density without available fault current worries or adding unnecessary transformers to lower fault currents
  • Handle & fuse lid interlock—Improve operator safety
  • Front panel mount—Drop-in replacement for low-profile panel mount circuit breakers
  • Open-fuse indication—Speeds troubleshooting upon open fuse
  • Lockout/tagout feature—Enhances maintenance safety, reducing the risk of accidental switching
  • Full-voltage rated—600Vac rating allows users to apply the CCPLP in any lowvoltage application for design flexibility, regardless of system voltage
  • Available in one-, two-, and three-pole configurations
  • 20A for Class G, 30A Class CC, IEC 10x38mm up to 32A, and UL midget versions