Stay Ahead Of 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) Changes With Bussmann Low-Peak Fuses

Bussmann Low-Peak Fuses

Change Is Coming

The 2017 NEC changes are pretty extensive and include several sections with new short-circuit protection requirements, so listen up. Starting with the adoption of the 2017 NEC, many installations will require the available short-circuit current to be marked on the equipment or documented. The Code already requires equipment, such as the industrial control panel, to be marked with the short-circuit current rating. If your installation has an available short-circuit current greater than the SCCR of the equipment, it won’t be compliant. But don’t worry. Eaton has a Bussmann series fuse for that.

Unparalleled Protection & Performance

At 300kA, Bussmann series Low-Peak fuses have excellent current limitation and the highest UL-listed interrupting rating in the business. Since a panel or assembly short-circuit current rating can’t be greater than the overcurrent protective device’s (OCPD) interrupting rating, it makes sense to go with the best. In addition, the high degree of current limitation of Low-Peak fuses can help achieve higher SCCRs when applied per UL508A in control panels.

With a Bussmann series Low-Peak fuse, achieving high SCCRs is a cinch. Plus, Low-Peak fuses allow you to reduce your inventory by up to 33 percent with Class CC, CF, J, L and RK1 fuses that meet almost every 600V overcurrent scenario. Bussmann series Low-Peak fuses provide the ultimate protection and are part of the Fuses Made Simple program, which offers three types of protection, for peace of mind in any situation:

  1. Basic Protection: General Purpose (grey) fuses deliver up to 50kA protection for single element applications.
  2. Advanced Protection fuses are the ideal choice for transformers or motors in all critical or sensitive applications: Limitron™ (black) fuses are fast-acting and current limiting, while Fusetron™ (green) fuses offer supreme time-delay response while using 23 percent less energy.
  3. Ultimate Protection: Low-Peak (yellow) fuses provide the highest interrupting rating, time-delay performance, and fast short-circuit protection.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple traditional fuses can be replaced with one Low-Peak Fuse, for a 33% reduction in inventory.
  • Troubleshooting is simplified with fuse indication (optional).
  • At 300kA interrupting rating, Low-Peak Fuses offer 50% higher protection than the competition.
  • UL and CSA listed to help achieve OSHA, IEEE, and NFPA compliance.
  • Minimize delays with Type 2 “no damage” motor starter protection.
  • 2:1 amp ratio is easily achieved with any Low-Peak Fuse.
[PDF] Bussmann Series 2017 NEC Code Changes Affecting SCCR Overview

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