Eaton's Bussmann® Series High-Speed and Class J Fuses Video

Eaton's Bussmann® Series can provide the fuses you can find in a data center.

High-speed fuses are very fast-acting fuses that are used to protect power conversion equipment. In data centers, one of the critical components in the data center is the UPS that helps make sure that if there's any loss of power, you don't lose electrical power to the equipment. High-speed fuses are used within the UPS system to protect the power electronics components within the UPS. So these are often found inside the UPS and there's very, very many different part numbers. One of the critical things when you're installing UPSs or servicing UPSs in a data center, is to find out what high-speed fuses are being used and make sure that spare fuses are readily available. If anything does happen, you can restore power as quickly as possible.

Class J fuses are used to protect the power distribution system inside the data center inside the white space. A lot of them you'll see in busway drops, they'll be used to protect the drop from the bus to the racks. They have a very high interrupting rating, so they can handle the high efficiency, high power density of today's data center.