Taking the Guesswork out of Voltage Rating: Fuses Made Simple™ – Control Circuits from Eaton's Bussmann business

Bussmann Fuses Made Simple Control Circuits

The Importance of Voltage Rating

Control circuit fuses have many different voltage ratings, ranging from 32Vac to 600Vac, yet their physical size doesn’t vary. This could result in selecting a product with the wrong voltage rating, leading to compromised system integrity and risk to workers’ safety. The proper application of an overcurrent protective device, according to its voltage rating, requires that the voltage rating of the device be equal to or greater than the system voltage. It can be higher but not lower. For instance, a 600V fuse can be used to safely protect a 208V circuit. However, when an overcurrent protective device is applied beyond its rating, there may be potential for fire and arcing energy, which poses a severe fire risk to other components in the panel.

Maximum System Reliability & Safety

Fuses Made Simple™ – Control Circuits from Eaton’s Bussmann business is designed to help personnel and installers identify the right product needed for the system voltage. The fuses utilize a color-coding system to enhance control fuse selection and safety, eliminating the guesswork in the selection and specification process. Each control circuit fuse has a label with a unique, identifying color band that represents the fuse’s maximum voltage rating. What’s more, a selection table and wheel are available to help users select the right control circuit fuse in three simple steps. Now the selection process is easy and replacement is stress free, enhancing the safety and reliability of the entire system.

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