Catastrophe-Free SCCR Compliance: Bussmann® Series Short-Circuit Current Rating Solutions From Eaton

Catastrophe-Free SCCR Compliance

Don’t Take Chances With SCCRs

As you know, a short-circuit current rating (SCCR) represents the maximum level of fault current that the control panel or machinery can safely withstand. If the available fault current of the system exceeds the equipment SCCR, you could find yourself in hot water. (You’re not living out a scene of Die Hard, after all.) On top of risking your own hide, nearby equipment could also face damage. To add insult to injury, improperly installed equipment could lead to fines or commissioning delays.

Clear-As-Mud SCCRS Won’t Do

NEC requires that industrial control panels, industrial machinery, and HVAC equipment is marked with an assembly SCCR that’s greater than the fault current at the location where the equipment is installed. To ensure compliance with NEC 110.10, inspectors and installers need this information. To keep systems, personnel, and equipment safe, SCCRs must be properly understood and implemented.

Whether you’re determining how much SCCR protection is needed, or sussing out the SCCR of your equipment control panel, the process doesn’t have to be daunting. With Eaton on your side, you’ll gain access to a range of products and solutions that make SCCR compliance easy and efficient.

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[PDF] Bussmann Equipment SCCR Made Easy Brochure

Features at a Glance

Best-In-Class SCCR Tools:

  • Easily calculates available fault current and provides a label that’s NEC 110.24 compliant
  • Quickly determine how much SCCR is needed for a control panel

World-Class Bussmann Series Products:

  • Complete portfolio that includes fuses, fuse holders, and fuse blocks
  • Current-limiting fuses used to raise the SCCR of the branch circuit
  • Interrupting ratings up to 200kA